Emmett's Best Pick-Up Lines

Geplaatst op donderdag 09 juli 2009 @ 13:53 , 233 keer bekeken


10. I may be from Tennessee but you're the only ten I see!

9. Wanna see me crush a boulder?

8. I'd love to see how many houses we can smash.

7. You're into cars? I make one heck of a jack.

6. Wanna cuddle? I'll be your teddy bear.

5. (To a blonde) My brother may prefer brunettes, but I know blondes have more fun.

4. I hear hell isn't bad if you get to keep an angel with you- could I take you with me?

3. Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Because with a face like that, you must be an angel.

2. Wanna be my monkey woman?

1. You're no irritable grizzly but right now I'm eating you up.


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